2013 - Strings Attached

2014 - Out of Order

2015 - Fantastic Shadows

2016 - Water Hammer

2018 - The Trouble With Robots

2019 - The Trouble With Humans (Chapter One)


Brahms' Third Racket is the latest vehicle for Wishnefsky’s music.  This time around, it is his great fortune to be joined by R. Matthew Carroll on bass, David Rodgers on drums, and Mary Ann Pelino on vocals.


Brahms' Third Racket plays a unique type of alternative rock.  BTR's live shows feature original videos, created by Matt, which play in sync with the band's performance.  The combination of videos and music provide an immersive experience for the audience.  


Here follows the BTR story, starting with a brief bit of history:


In the 1990's, longtime friends and musical collaborators Wishnefsky, David Rodgers, and Todd Jameson formed the Los Angeles based alt-rock band Jabberwock.  Jabberwock released two highly acclaimed records (Southland and Letterbomb) and an EP (Wishful Sinking).  After Jabberwock broke up in 1998, Wish retired from performing live and focused his attention on writing and recording.  Under the Lost Dog Records label, he released eight solo records as Wishnefsky and two records as his piano based project Veneer.  (You can find Wishnefsky's solo records here and Veneer records here.)  Dave went on to play drums for various bands, projects, and sessions.  Todd went on to pursue a career in graphic design and art. 


Around 2011, R. Matthew Carroll, who happens to be Wish's cousin, commenced bugging Wish relentlessly to start performing again.  Wish relented.  In 2012, Wish, Matt, and Dave started performing Wishnefsky music at various clubs in the LA area.  From early on, Matt, no stranger to relentless bugging, started, again, relentlessly bugging Wish to utilize a band name.  Wish recognized Matt was probably on to something (as opposed to being on something, though that may have very well been the case considering the amount of prescription medication to which Matt has access - just kidding, though Matt is a physician, by the way). 


Indeed.  Thereupon, the search for a band name commenced. 


After a number of head-scratching sessions developed a towering trash heap of supremely unusable band names and some really great ones which turned out to be taken by other bands, Wishnefsky found himself being seductively enticed and enticingly seduced by the band name Mucho Burro: a hilarious line derived from the old British TV show Fawlty Towers.  However, Matt suggested that, while Mucho Burro was certainly funny (especially when Wish screamed it at the top of his lungs and rolled the r’s in Burro like a speed boat with a stuck accelerator), he firmly believed it was pretty fucking stupid as a band name and, if Wish insisted on pulling a name from Fawlty Towers, he might as well call the band Brahms’ Third Racket.


Ding!  Ding!  Ding!  We have a winner!


Brahms' Third Racket.  


Here is a clip of the Brahms' Third Racket moment on Fawlty Towers. 


In 2013, Brahms' Third Racket released Strings Attached, which is based on a group of songs Wish wrote on acoustic guitar.  As a result, Strings Attached is a bit warmer and more organic than Wish’s usual fare.  Yet, despite the absence of the usual electronica, these songs feature the usual Wish recipe of lyrical bite, melodic taste, and harmonic sweetener.


In 2014, BTR released Out of Order, an album of Wish songs roughly based on his favorite guilty pleasure, Doctor Who.  The album, like Doctor Who, is a mixture of hi tech, organic analog, and lyrical wit. 


In 2015, BTR followed up with the album Fantastic Shadows.  This album concerns mortality, a subject that Wish explored in his writing following the far too early and untimely passing of a close friend.   


In 2016, BTR released a double album entitled Water Hammer, a collection of songs concerning water in California.  Shortly before releasing the full album, BTR released a collection of the Water Hammer singles in an EP entitled Dream Wasters.


A number of the songs on Water Hammer feature vocalist Mary Ann Pelino.  In 2016, Mary Ann became a permanent member of Brahms' Third Racket.  


In 2018, BTR released it fifth album The Trouble With Robots.  These songs focus on the marriage of technology and biology.  

In 2019, BTR released The Trouble With Humans (Chapter One). TTWH is the follow up to The Trouble With Robots and features amazing guest vocalist Julia Albert. The phenomenal Michael James co-mixed the record. Since humans have such a profound propensity for the art of trouble, we need two chapters to adequately present The Trouble With Humans. This is Chapter One.  Stayed tuned for subsequent chapters.


Thank you for your support.  It means the world to us.